Interim finance managers in the right place at the right time

Interim finance managers take on time-limited specialist and management tasks in Accounting, Controlling, Treasury and other operational finance organization areas. Short-term availability, flexible contracts, a wide-ranging experience and very short onboarding periods secure your company’s success if vacancies are to be bridged, projects supported, or the organization restructured in relation to financial matters.
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Reasons for contracting interim finance managers


Professional and managerial expertise

Interim managers incorporate their experience as employed managers and from projects. Various sectors and company sizes as well as putting together and developing teams are their daily business.


Fast availability

Often only a few days pass between the initial clarification of the specific requirements and the start of an assignment.



If the scope and duration of a project cannot be estimated, a contractual basis is found that is precisely geared towards these requirements.


Communications strength

Thanks to their independent position and experience, interim managers ruthlessly focus on the issues and ensure solutions while caring about transparency.


Efficiency and cost-effectiveness

Interim managers are adept at focusing on salient matters. Companies pay precisely for the service they require. The cost of downtimes or other incidental costs do not arise.

What does interim management cost?

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Various criteria apply to the pricing. Alongside the 1% rule and various studies on daily rates, you should always note that good work also comes at an appropriate price. According to the “Interim Manager Agenda 2023” study by MERITUS Business Advisors GmbH, the average daily rate was EUR 1,527. However, considerable variations are possible depending on the specialist field, qualification and experience. The costs of interim management providers that potentially assume the agency activity similarly accounts for a large proportion. Compare different options to find a suitable solution, and know your price as an interim manager.

When does a typical requirement arise?

Growth acceleration scenario

Is the financial department’s performance lagging behind the company’s swift development? An interim CFO quickly establishes transparency and is experienced in building teams.

Struggling company scenario

In turbulent times, financial clarity and flexible planning are key for long term success. Interim CFOs have experience in managing crises. They create and maintain the necessary overview and can ideally communicate situations and options.

Management problems scenario

Interim CFOs are team players. Management level or financial team problems are quickly identified and communicated. Interim managers do not care about loosing their jobs while clarifying conflicts.

Vacancy bridging scenario

If a financial executive is absent, it is often unclear how long the absence will continue and how long it will take to fill the vacancy. An interim manager can ensure that key risks are avoided by the failure to fill a vacancy until the incumbent returns or a replacement takes up the position.

Restructuring and M&A activities scenario

Concerns about a job or searching for personal opportunities can be obstacles for the organization. In such phases, in particular, interim managers are independent and focused on the task at hand.

How to find suitable interim managers

At, you are in touch with a network of interim financial managers with experience in different sectors and company sizes. You can also address your requirements to an interim management provider. The is free of charge for companies seeking interim managers.

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Interim managers are in the right place at the right time and solve arising problems fast. No lengthy recruiting. The terms and conditions of contract are flexible and prices fair. Interim finance managers can be engaged flexibly, e.g. as CFO, Commercial Manager, Director Finance, Head of Accounting, Head of Controlling, Treasurer, Project Manager Shared Services or as a Financial Planning & Analysis Specialist. Whether with or without personnel responsibility, they assume responsibility in the shortest period of time and incorporate their experience.

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